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“Tinubu Vows Swift Action: Non-Performing Ministers Ousted in 6 Months, Says Smart Adeyemi”

“Coincidentally, Ndume Served as Akpabio’s Campaign Manager During the Senate Presidency Race in June.”

Tinubu is promising not to disappoint Nigerians.

Former Kogi West Senator Adeyemi Smart, in a recent Television  interview  made a bold assertion, stating that President Bola Tinubu is determined to hold ministers accountable for their performance. Adeyemi, who is currently aspiring for the governorship of Kogi State, affirmed that Tinubu is not one to tolerate underperformance, as he will swiftly remove ministers who fail to meet expectations within six months.

Adeyemi emphasized that Tinubu, known for his impressive track record, would mandate ministers to provide regular reports to the Nigerian public, ensuring transparency and accountability in governance. He spoke highly of Tinubu’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the nation, repositioning Nigeria, and recovering lost ground.

Adeyemi expressed understanding for the challenges and difficulties that Nigerians are currently facing. Still, he stressed that Tinubu is determined to bring a strong history of performance to his leadership, setting high expectations for all appointed officials. Adeyemi underscored that non-performance will not be tolerated under Tinubu’s leadership and that ministers who do not meet the set standards will be asked to step down, regardless of the duration of their appointments.

The interview also touched on a recent dramatic incident involving the Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, and the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio. During a Senate plenary session, Ndume cited order 54 of the standing rules to voice his concerns about Akpabio’s handling of Senate affairs. The situation escalated, resulting in Ndume leaving the chamber after being ruled out of order.

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It is noteworthy that Ndume had previously served as Akpabio’s campaign manager during the race for the Senate presidency in June, making the incident all the more intriguing. Adeyemi commented on the ongoing speculation regarding a possible impeachment of Akpabio, describing the Senate President as a benign figure. He clarified that the 10th Assembly is still in its early stages, with members still adapting to the dynamics of the new legislative session. He expressed confidence that, with time, the assembly members would find common ground and improve their working relationships.