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Tinubu Approves N50,000 Grant and N155bn Food Package for Households

President Bola Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has approved the National Construction and Household Support Programme during the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting on Thursday in Abuja.

A statement issued by presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale detailed that the programme aims to boost agricultural productivity, strengthen the economy, and provide immediate economic relief for Nigerian households.

Ngelale explained that the NEC-supported programme includes financial allocations and infrastructure projects across all geo-political zones. A key component is the approval of a N50,000 uplift grant to be distributed to 100,000 families per state for three months. Additionally, N155 billion was earmarked for purchasing and distributing assorted foodstuffs nationwide to address food security and affordability concerns.

The programme will also include significant infrastructure projects, such as the Sokoto-Badagry Highway, which will traverse seven states and support agricultural sustainability. Other initiatives include the ongoing Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway and the Trans-Saharan Highway. Tinubu also approved full counterpart financing for the Port Harcourt-Maiduguri Railway and the Ibadan-Abuja segment of the Lagos-Kano Standard-Gauge Railway.

Furthermore, the NEC approved allocating N10 billion to each state and the Federal Capital Territory for procuring buses and implementing the Compressed Natural Gas Uplift Programme. Provisions were also made for labor unions and civil society organizations.

During the NEC meeting, Tinubu urged state governors to collaborate in meeting citizens’ needs and boosting food production. He stated, “Our states must work together to deliver on the critical reforms required of us to meet the needs of our people. Time is humanity’s most precious asset. You can never have enough of it. It is getting late.”

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“We are ready and able to support you in the form of the mechanization of your agricultural processes and the provision of high-quality seedlings. We are prepared to provide solar-powered irrigation facilities to support our farmers across seasons, but we must now produce. We must produce the food our people eat, and it will require coordination and intentionality between members of the National Economic Council (NEC).”

“There is nothing we are doing that is more important than producing high-quality food for our people to consume, buy, and sell. We create jobs in the production of it. And that is before we generate wealth by exporting the excess. It is not beyond us to achieve this for Nigerians.”

“How much support do you need from me, and in what form? I am prepared to provide it. But we must achieve the result. We must deliver on our targets at all levels. Please report back following your consultations and submit to my office within seven days.”