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Musicians support EFCC, endorse ban on spraying naira

Some musicians have expressed support for the recent enforcement by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to ban the abuse of the Naira.

While the ban on spraying money at parties was initially perceived as potentially affecting musicians, several artists, including Wasiu Alabi (Pasuma), Saheed Osupa, and Adewale Ayuba, see it as a positive step. They argue that the country’s currency must be respected and that the practice of spraying money can be done in a respectful manner without abusing or mutilating the Naira.

Pasuma highlighted that having a designated box for fans to place money helps avoid disrespecting the artist and the currency. He also mentioned that the ban has not impacted his performances or earnings negatively, as it allows for a more orderly and respectful appreciation of the artist’s work.

Osupa and Ayuba also emphasized the importance of handling the currency respectfully, noting that it can lead to greater earnings for artists and relieve pressure on attendees. Ayuba suggested that engaging musicians in sensitization efforts could have been beneficial for promoting the changes.

Overall, the musicians agree that the enforcement against the abuse of the Naira is good for the country’s identity and financial health.

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