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Lukman Urges Consultation: Deciding on APC Chairman Without NWC Input Could Be Damaging

The National Vice Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the North-West region, Dr. Salihu Lukman, has expressed concern over the alleged decision to appoint Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje as the next National Chairman of the party without proper consultation with other power blocs and party organs, including the National Working Committee (NWC). He warned that such a move could have damaging consequences for both President Bola Tinubu and the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF).

In a statement released on Sunday, Lukman urged all those involved in sponsoring Ganduje’s nomination, particularly Senator Hope Uzodinma, the Chairman of the Progressive Governors Forum, to respect due process within the party and follow the rightful course in the selection process for the next APC National Chairman.

Lukman reminded President Tinubu and the APC Governors that the party’s agreed zoning formula designated the position of National Chairman to the North-Central region. He expressed concern that the lack of activity within the statutory organs of the party could lead to the manipulation of the process to serve narrow interests, even if it means disregarding the provisions of the APC constitution.

The National Vice Chairman emphasized the importance of active participation by NWC members in the discussions about the party’s future. He stressed that the alleged decision-making process involving President Tinubu and the Progressive Governors without consulting other power blocs and party organs could prove risky and potentially harmful to both Tinubu and the APC as a whole.

Lukman also highlighted the contrasting backgrounds of President Tinubu and those associated with military backgrounds, stating that such a decision might be understandable in the latter case, but it would be unimaginable for Tinubu, who has been a leading figure in the struggle for democracy in Nigeria for nearly four decades.

In conclusion, Lukman called on all parties involved to adhere to the principles of due process and fairness in the selection of the next APC National Chairman. He emphasized that the agreed zoning formula within the party designates the position to the North Central region, and no individual or group should seek to undermine the process and impose their interests arbitrarily. The National Vice Chairman’s appeal aimed to maintain transparency and uphold the integrity of the party’s decision-making process.