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Governor Adeleke explains his decision to avoid loans for Osun’s development, focusing instead on responsible financial management and sustainable funding methods.

Gov Adeleke

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun has announced that he has not taken any loans since assuming office on November 27, 2022. He shared this during the second edition of “Ipade Imole,” a forum where he reported on his governance to the people in Ilesa. Adeleke emphasized that his choice to avoid borrowing for state infrastructure development aligns with his commitment to govern using the state’s existing resources.

“We have never borrowed any money,” Adeleke stated. “This aligns with our pledge to govern within our means as we handle the substantial debts inherited from the previous administration. If anyone tells you this administration has borrowed money, they are lying.”

Regarding his achievements, Adeleke highlighted his efforts in reshaping the mining sector and establishing a task force to combat illegal mining. In the health sector, he mentioned the renovation and upgrading of over 100 Primary Health Care Centers in the state. More than 50,000 individuals have benefited from the Imole medical outreach, which included free enrollment of 29,000 pensioners in the State Health Insurance Scheme.

Adeleke also noted the award of a N1.3 billion water contract for the rehabilitation of the Ora Water Works Scheme, which serves the Igbomina area. In education, he approved the hiring of 5,250 new teachers and school officers to improve education quality. His administration is also pursuing significant construction projects, including flyover bridges and road dualization across the state.

Furthermore, his government is working on initiatives in agriculture, women’s development, youth development, and creative industries. “We are running an inclusive government committed to revitalizing and prospering our state,” Adeleke said .

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