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Agency launches WhatsApp ChatBot to drive media measurement, monitoring

A WhatsApp ChatBot that will aid the swift delivery and timely responses to media monitoring and measurement service inquiries has been launched by P+ Measurement on its official website.

The firm in a statement, said the chatBot would promote an effective turn-around time and also create a platform for users to leverage on real-time messaging and have conversations surrounding media monitoring, measurement, and evaluation with its experts who are readily available to answer and give professional advice.

Philip Odiakose, lead consultant at P+ Measurement Services said the WhatsApp ChatBot service would meet the increasing demand of inquiries on media monitoring and performance audit from prospects. This will follow visits to the firm’s website out of the need to be proactive, keep a close watch on the media, and public conversations around their brand, competitors, industry, regulators, and evaluate their media performance and impact before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We believe in the growth and future of the Nigerian Media monitoring and measurement industry as well as the great impact and value it brings to the Marketing and Communications Industry,” he said.

WhatsApp Chat Bot is a software program that can be used on the popular encrypted WhatsApp messaging app. It enables users to embark on business conversations and helps in solving customers’ issues.The service launched by P+ can be accessed through the company’s website at


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